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15 June 1957
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About me:
Well I am beginning again after several years of taking care of some family members, but what a time to begin again!****** Currently I am surrounded by 'beautiful' people with potentials that they can only dream of and one day realize, I pray.****** Alright - I have made it and it is now time for a rewrite, at least after the first part. I think I have the idea. Lets see. I have come here perhaps to get some ideas of what people do other than bars and nightclubs to meet people. My passions take me toward painting [mostly abstract], my family [brothers and sister, and the nephews / neices, and more], and those I consider to be family / special friends. I enjoy the simple things - sitting at home watching a movie with a friend [or two]; going to the park to read or walk for exercise and get my mind cleared of the days events; and learning new social activities [perhaps]. And forgive me, electronic games as well. But board games with friends are more fun.
Who I'd like to meet:
People to enjoy friendship and love without worrying about too much what the world can throw at us - real or otherwise. On a private note -- Basically someone that I can trust and just enjoy being around. Someone to be close to without being afraid that things will go too far - whatever that means. [Quick note: Sorry, I am not secretively rich or financially fit - currently I have come across those who do not understand that the "Bill Gates" type of Seattlite is the exception not the rule.] And, dispite my advanced age [according to some] - I would like to find someone to share the rest of my life with. Something a young friend has reminded me of that it should not be pushed but let happen "naturally". So naturally . . .
I am rather old fashioned, although it is hard to tell sometimes. I have confused quite a few people because of the attitude that I seem to show. This was developed with the help of an older brother who had an interesting attitude about life, and women in general. I am going to have to adjust my life attitude to my beliefs. Sometimes I seem to be some sort of monster, or disrespectful moron [but it is unintentional I assure you], but I am sorry there are times that people [women] who get to know me for any length of time, wonder about that. If / when my friends, new and older, get to know the real me I am not certain that they will like me or not - that will depend on them, of course.
[And yes, I am almost always long winded -- sorry].
art [painting abstract], board games [tempus], college [via online], music, role playing games [simulacrum], special dvd's [explain later]