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It has come to my attention that Ali's birthday is coming up. I hope she will have a great time and that she will be very happy with her friend[s] and family this year.

Happy Birthday Ali

Hope it is all you want it to be.



I hope that you are all having the best time of your lives.
Be happy, be safe, and be loved.
Until later ----

OUR Miss Chromium's B'day

I do not know what you are going to be doing [if anything special, I hope so], but I wanted to let you know that you deserve a great one with friends, if not family.


If you need anything, please let me know.
If you want anything that you think I can help you with, again, please let me know.

Bye for now ---- enjoy your B'day. Another year older, but still . . .



To those of you who have not given up on the LiveJournal link - HAPPY EASTER!

Hope you all get the chance to celebrate it with someone close - I will be working at Westwood Village until midnight - so, if you want to go shopping and see a crazy man in blue walking around come and say hi!

In any case. Be well and be happy and remember together you can do virtually anything!!!



It appears that this link is getting more "business" oriented than access oriented for their people - very interesting . . . . . but STUPID! Because without the people there is NO website! Much like other things that are not paying attention [Politicians, Doctors, and other idiots who think that they have the backing of the people when in most cases - they do not!]
Since most of you seem to be elsewhere these days this may never get to any of you but here it is in a nutshell. I need your help finding a place in which to start a career. Accounting, Customer Service, Assistant something somewhere which will pay better than minimum wage.
My current situation for those who knows what it is, has just dropped again down to 29 hours per week and unless things change, I am going to have to go through an operation called BANKRUPTCY. It is not as easy as it has been in the past, and I would rather not go through it at all, but . . . . .
So I am coming here to contact you all for any assistance possible. Tim has my email address get it from him and email me your ideas please. Any will be seriously considered. I am even thinking about Charity work [probably pays better than $15000 per year (before taxes)].

Thank you for any and all assistance - if you still come, please respond asap.

The Late Jonathan Carouthers

I just wanted to give my regards to those who knew the THIEF and MORON - Jonathan Carothers.
Most recently known in the Greenwood Area of Seattle Washington, he was offered an opportunity to leave his current living arrangement, living in the basement of his "family" home -- and instead, decided to STEAL the last remaining money the individual [who offered him the opportunity] had to his / her name. Interesting that such a man should be trusted to even walk the earth, but . . . . . . there is always hope that one day he will grow up, if . . . . .

So I just wanted to give my regards to the family and friends of Jonathan Carothers, a reasonably honest man, who once worked, and who in later life became the "thieving-bum"!


January 1 is finally upon us - Happy New Year! Hope this year is good for all of you.
I am working today of course along with many others, just hope that you get the chance to play for a little while and not just do inventory, or school work, or whatever can stop you from being happy.

Bye for now need to sleep a while before work.

Always and forever,
Shy Madman


Since most of you are elsewhere these days, it is a good chance you will not see this, but there it is! Hope you all receive everything that you desire and that you are all happy with the state of the world and beliefs.

Remember to celebrate with those you love, or at least can tolerate!

Bye for now,




Hope you all are able to have a great time.

Bye for now

All Elsewhere?

Are you all now at the other location or what?
In anycase, I hope that you are all well and safe - remember Layla.

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